James Chandler, MD FRCPC

615 Main Street, Suite 315

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

B5A 1K1


Phone: 1-902-742-6661

Fax: 1-902-742-5303

E-mail: admin@drchandleroffice.ca

Guidelines for contacting Dr. Chandler and guidelines for Dr. Chandler contacting you.

For routine matters like making or changing appointments, getting refills, sending in forms, sending in weights, blood pressures, or other simple information, at present we are using emails to communicate with families and patients as our primary communication method. 

Our email programs will block unusual email names and will also block emails that have a first name only.

If you use a email that has the parents name in it or the parents initials then there should not be a problem.

For urgent matters like a sudden worsening in your child that I am following, call or e-mail if it is during our office hours. If we can not get back to you in a reasonable amount of time, go to the local ER.

For emergencieslike serious suicide attempts, severe psychosis, or other psychiatric emergencies, don't try to contact us first. Go directly to the ER.

Contact Us

Courtney Dulong, Office Administrator
E-mail: secretary@drchandleroffice.ca

Dr. Chandler- admin@drchandleroffice.ca

Courtney- secretary@drchandleroffice.ca